"i can’t figure out this problem"

teacher: use your head


Unpopular? Desperate? Lonely? Whatthefuck?

It only happen in these random moments. This 4 to 9 time when I don’t have homework, a meeting, practice, or some other random obligation. I have never, and will never expect the world to come to me. But what about a text back? Just a “Hey let’s hangout” rather than my exact sentence receiving a miserable response rate. Is it geographical? Am I not physically close enough? Did I distance myself from too many people last semester, or the summer? What’s going on? Hanging out with myself is…fine. But not nearly as comforting and enjoyable as legitimate human interaction. Tick tock. 54 minutes until he gets out of work. MY best friend. Boyfriend. They both apply. I have never been popular, and I’m not one to throw myself a pity party. But damn. In an age where everyone can be contacted in an instant and I am lonely, what the fuck is up with that? Is it desperate to want to hangout in the awkward late afternoon and early evening of a weeknight? I don’t think so. College is awesome, and I don’t plan on spending it getting my know myself, alone, and lonely. So answer my fucking text message, and hell, I’ll even get off my ass and come to your place so you don’t have to get off yours to come to mine. Let’s do something.Β 

When my roomie and I stay in and have a movie and wine night